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Frequently Asked Questions

Your have questions, we have answers. Learn all about our FAQs here.

Who are we?

We like to think of ourselves as South East Queensland’s best online car buy and sell service.

We buy used cars from people such as yourself who want them sold with a great deal of urgency. A thriving business based in Brisbane, our team serve customers within a 150-kilometre radius.

What services do we offer?

Our main service is buying used cars. We buy cars mainly from owners who want a quick sale and immediate cash for various reasons.

We also sell used cars to potential buyers who are looking for something more cost-effective than buying a brand new model.

It is also worth mentioning that the cars we buy are reconditioned, repaired (if needed) and professionally detailed before we sell them. This ensures the cars we sell are in mint showroom condition.

How does our car buying process work?

We provide an online or over-the-phone pricing estimate. Talk to us about your car through the online form or by calling us, and you’ll receive an obligation-free estimate in an instant. This estimate is normally within a price range.

If you are happy with this pricing estimate the next step will be an onsite inspection. Only after we have seen, inspected and taken your car for a test drive will we be able to provide our final buy price.

Once all negotiations have taken place and you are happy to accept our offer we buy your car right there and then.

All the paperwork is completed on the spot and payment is made to you using your chosen payment method, such as bank transfer, bank cheque, etc.

Why can I not just sell my car privately?

Of course, you can. That is if you have the time, money and patience to go through a private valuation, take pictures, advertise, and wait for a potential buyer.

Maybe you have already tried this avenue and the car is not selling. From experience, this process can be stressful and time-consuming. Not to mention you have to deal with no-shows and low ball offers.

If you sell your used car to us, we remove that burden for you.

How do I know you’re offering a fair and accurate price?

If we have done an online or over-the-phone valuation, the estimate is based on the details you provided us. We then take into consideration the used car industry sales data before we quote a figure.

However, the final value of your car will be determined when we visit you for a thorough assessment. We factor in your car features, usual wear and tear and any damage before we make changes to the online or phone quote we provided.

Do I have to agree to the sale right away?

Our pricing estimates are obligation-free. You don’t have to commit to the sale just yet and of course, if you need time to think about it that is up to you.

Online and over-the-phone quotes are also not final until we have thoroughly inspected your car onsite. So there’s no pressure on you to complete the sale yet.

How long will valuation take?

Online and phone valuations normally only take between 5 to 10 minutes. 

Onsite inspection & appraisal, on the other hand, may take up to 30 minutes. This allows us a thorough inspection of your car and a road test to make sure we offer an accurate price.

Why do you need my personal information?

We ask for your full name, email address and phone number so we can contact you regarding your quote or enquiry.

Your email will be used only to send a quote and nothing else. The same goes with your phone number.

Your contact details are solely for us to talk about the sale of your used car. No more, no less.

What documents would you need?

To complete the sale of your vehicle you will need your vehicle’s registration certificate and your current driver’s licence.

In the event that they are missing, you may call us to discuss an alternative.

Should you decide to sell your used car to us and complete the transaction, we would also need:

  • You car’s service books, owner’s manual and any accessories to help us with providing you a final and accurate price
  • Your ID and proof of address – you may present us your passport, driver’s licence, bank statements, utility bills or council notices
  • Bank account details to accept payment via Bank Transfer.

Do you only provide valuations for personal vehicles?

Our buy and sell services extend to commercial and business-owned vehicles, too. We can also help with the valuation of an entire fleet when needed.

What happens to my car after selling it to you?

We will take care of reselling it.

Before this happens we perform detailing and maintenance work as required before we sell it.

How long before I get paid?

It’s fast, simple and easy when you sell your used car to us.

We have a range of different payment options to ensure you get payments as soon as possible. Talk with our team to identify which is the best payment method for you.

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